Technical FAQs

Technical FAQs

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Technical FAQs

A1: Yes. Once exposed, they will slowly oxidize uniformly to a dull grey colour. The oxide then protects the material from further corrosion.

A2: No. Only badly applied PPC will peel off. However, we recommend that any scratched surfaces be repaired for aesthetic reasons, using appropriate touch up paint, available as an accessory item code SC880.

A3: Marley Alutec rainwater and eaves systems are made from marine grade aluminium, which will outlast other grade aluminium systems. Under normal UK atmospheric conditions, Alutec rainwater and eaves systems, if correctly installed will have a life expectancy of 50 years or more. This may be marginally reduced in highly polluted or coastal areas.

A4: No, they need to be ordered separately as the quantity may vary dependant on how many short gutter off cuts are used.

A5: We do not recommend fitting wire balloons as they collect the debris and restrict or block flow through the outlet. Small debris will normally wash down through the downpipe. However if the problem is caused by leaf blockage, then installation of a leafguard is recommended.

A7: Yes. There is no bi-metallic corrosion incompatibility between the two materials.

A8: Yes. There is no significant corrosive effect between lead and aluminium.


A9: No. The copper oxide ‘run off' will corrode the unprotected surfaces of aluminium, e.g. such as the insides of Powder coated downpipes, which cannot be painted or mill finish systems. 

A10: Yes, as long as there is no metal to metal contact between the two materials.

A11: There are no standard adaptor connectors available as there are too many different profiles and sizes of gutters. Bespoke adaptors can be fabricated to order, but are very expensive. We recommend that an adaptor coupling be made on site, dressed from Code 5 lead to fit the external profiles of both abutting gutters, then bedded in sealant and secured by drilling and bolting to both gutter ends using M6 aluminium nuts bolts and washers, available as standard accessories.

A12: All Marley Alutec downipes from the Traditional range with ‘cast sockets’ should be sealed, as described in the installation section, as the depth of socket is shallow and water may overspill in heavy rainfall. Downpipe sockets from the Evolve, Classic, Flush-fit and Vandal Resistant ranges do not require sealing, apart from the first connection to a gutter or hopper outlet.

A13: We do not recommend it as our sealant has been tested and we know it works. Other sealants may not have the same characteristics and may lead to early joint failure.

A14: No. Larger decorative gutters are installed nominally level for aesthetic reasons and these gutters are appropriately sized to cope with the anticipated rainfall. However, smaller gutters in particular the Traditional Half Round and Victorian Ogee ranges are generally installed to a fall of 1:600.

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