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Business Continuity with Marley Alutec: COVID-19 update

Current business status update 1st June 2020

We are continuing to support every effort by the Government to halt the spread of COVID-19 and to protect our employees, families and communities.

Equally we have been working as hard as we can to provide business continuity for you, our customer. 

We continue to operate our Manufacturing and Logistics operations to ensure customer service remains at high levels as the Construction sector moves ever closer to being fully active across the country.


In order to ensure a safe and healthy working environment for all, we have undertaken an extensive risk assessment program and from those have put in place a large number of control measures. These protect our colleagues and others we engage with on our sites and within our supply chains.


Our control measures, which follow Public Health England advice include

  • Social distancing throughout our operations
  • If a colleague can work at home, then we are ensuring they do
  • Creating safe working areas through visual signage, markings and physical barriers
  • Increased and continual cleaning regimes
  • Reduced travel for business purposes
  • Encouraging all to be active in personal hygiene at all times
  • Meetings have moved to and will remain on-line
  • A specialist team is in place to check and control all aspects of our Covid-19 response strategy
  • Following the guidance and procedures published by the Public Health Agency where suspected cases are found within our workforce 

We will review our response daily until such time that the threat is removed. Our Number 1 priority is to protect our colleagues, customers and all other stakeholders whilst delivering great service.


Looking for supply

Our teams are in place to enable us to respond to customer requests.  We can process orders and deliver from stock however we will be operating with a reduced delivery fleet.  Upon order placement, we will advise you of any changes to lead times and communicate at each stage of the order process.


If you are a Merchant and have a question regarding existing or new orders, you can contact our Customer Service team on or call on 01234 321972


Taking care of our people long-term

Our aim during this period is to retain our employees and safeguard their future so that we are in a strong position to resume normal operations once we are through this unprecedented time.

A number of our employees remain furloughed. As detailed above, we will be operating with reduced staffing levels during the coming weeks to ensure business continuity and we are keen that our people can return to their same jobs with greater security, when this period is over.

We will continually review the situation and act accordingly.

Yours sincerely,

Stan James

Managing Director



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