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South Holderness Technology College, Hull, East Yorkshire

South Holderness Technology College in East Yorkshire has safely managed to overcome its asbestos problem thanks to Marley Alutec’s expert knowledge and unique composite aluminium Evoke fascia and soffit system.

Built in the 1950s, South Holderness Technical College was constructed with a flat roof using asbestos cement roof decking. The roofing system used continuous asbestos cement sheets to form both the internal ceiling finish and the external soffits, so removal of these boards was not an option.

Whilst they are perfectly safe if undamaged and intact, the soffits had been painted and cross contamination had occurred between the paint and asbestos, meaning any flaking paint was a risk to the students and staff. The building surveyors within the Infrastructure and Facilities team at East Riding of Yorkshire Council therefore took steps to eliminate the potential risk of future exposure to the site users by working closely with Marley Alutec to provide a solution.

Paul Bentley, Principal Building Surveyor at the council, commented: “Asbestos is a known carcinogen and causes around 5,000 deaths in the UK each year, so it was important to us to manage the risk of future exposure. The difficulty with asbestos is that the instant it is damaged it releases harmful fibres into the air, so to remove the soffits safely would prove expensive and unnecessary given the good condition of the existing boards. We therefore looked into other possible solutions and this is where Marley Alutec really helped us out.”

Marley Alutec’s technical department came up with a bespoke solution to manage the asbestos risk by using its Evoke fascia and soffit system. One of the main challenges was that in some areas the asbestos soffits were extremely wide so designing a system that could span that distance without the need to fix into the asbestos was difficult. Marley Alutec partnered with the installer on site to come up with a bespoke soffit support design that fixed into the external cladding as opposed to the asbestos itself.

Philip Hand, Commercial Director at Amazon Rainwater Systems Ltd, the subcontractor that installed the rainwater systems and fascia and soffits at the college, said: “Marley Alutec’s aluminium Evoke product is perfect to overcome these types of challenges. Despite only being 4mm thick, it is extremely strong and rigid and able to maintain its shape across large expanses. It is also very easy to work with as it’s so light and can be modified on site using standard carpentry tools.”

Marley Alutec’s Evoke fascia and soffit system is made from a recycled polyethylene core, with a composite aluminium outer layer and has a life expectancy of 50 years or more. Furthermore, this extended life-cycle is virtually maintenance free, as the high quality fade resistant paint is one of the most stable and long lasting available, while the incorporation of a nano self-cleaning additive resists the build up of dust, grime and moss. In addition the system is 100 per cent recyclable at the end of its extended life span.

Paul Bentley from the council continued: “As well as managing the asbestos risk it was also important to us that the products used on the project helped to improve the building’s aesthetic, bringing it into the 21st century. We are extremely pleased with the finish Marley Alutec’s products have provided with their smooth, clean lines as they complement other materials used in the building refurbishment. What’s more, their impressive durability and sustainability credentials made choosing Marley Alutec’s products that much easier.”

The installation of Marley Alutec’s products was part of an extensive refurbishment project affecting approximately 70 per cent of the lower school building, which included the installation of improved thermal efficiency measures, such as new double-glazed aluminium windows, render repairs and flat roof renovations.

Paul concluded: “We have been thoroughly impressed with Marley Alutec’s flexibility, technical capabilities and products. The college is now much better prepared for modern educational needs and the staff and pupils are well protected from the asbestos risk. We would use this solution again if the need arose and I look forward to working with Marley Alutec again on future projects.”


Aluminium guttering by Marley Alutec South Holderness Technology College
Aluminium guttering by Marley Alutec South Holderness Technology College
Aluminium guttering by Marley Alutec South Holderness Technology College
Aluminium guttering by Marley Alutec South Holderness Technology College


Evoke Fascia and Soffit System
Flush-fit 76mm Downpipe System

All in RAL 7016 Anthracite grey colour

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East Riding of Yorkshire Council – Building Facilities

Hall Construction

Amazon Rainwater Systems

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