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A combination of products from Marley Alutec have been used on a Victorian residential property near Glasgow. The company’s Evolve Half Round and Traditional Moulded Ogee aluminium rainwater systems were selected as a durable and low maintenance like-for-like replacement for traditional cast iron.

Built in 1875, the traditional Scottish grey sandstone property is located in the village of Torrance, north of Glasgow. The homeowner, Sheila Johnston was looking to replace the high-maintenance cast iron guttering, which had begun to leak and cause damage to the building.

Sheila explained: “It was our local builder that suggested we consider aluminium systems, and a search of the options led us to Marley Alutec. I contacted them and was very impressed by the speed and quality of the service we received. Drummond McKenzie, the local Marley Alutec sales manager talked us through the options and carried out a full survey. From this he provided all the calculations as well as a full overview of the components required – right down to the last fixing.”

To match the two styles of cast iron guttering on the property, Marley Alutec’s Traditional Moulded Ogee and Evolve Half Round gutters were selected as well as the 63mm Evolve downpipe, all in Anthracite Grey (RAL 7016). The 125mm Traditional Moulded Ogee system was used at the front of the property while the 100mm version was fitted on the two dormer window areas. The Evolve Half Round was installed at the rear of the house. Marley Alutec also manufactured bespoke Moulded Ogee components to match the angles of the existing guttering.

The Traditional Moulded Ogee bolted gutter system is manufactured to BS 8530, the original design standard for cast iron, and as such fully replicates the traditional look. The 125mm gutter has a flow-rate of 2.21 litres per second (l/s) and an effective roof area of 105m2 per 63mm downpipe when fitted in an end outlet configuration. Used alongside the classically shaped Evolve Half Round, with flow-rates of up to 0.85 l/s and an effective roof area of 41m² per 63mm downpipe in the end outlet configuration, the products easily meet the requirements of the property.

Marley Alutec products are manufactured from high quality marine grade aluminium and finished in an architectural grade polyester powder coat (PPC) paint, which is designed for exterior use and will maintain its colour and gloss level for longer. As a result, the systems have a functional life expectancy of 50 years or more with minimal maintenance and only periodic aesthetic cleaning required. The aluminium system is over 65% lighter than cast iron, making it easier, safer and quicker to install.

Sheila added: “The products were simple for the builder to fit and we are delighted with the finished result. It is a huge improvement on what we had before, and the minimal maintenance requirements mean we can look forward to years of simplicity.”

Drummond McKenzie, Marley Alutec Area Sales Manager for Scotland said: “This project shows the versatility of our Traditional range. While the products are often specified in Heritage Black, the use of anthracite grey on this property shows how a different finish can be used while still retaining the cast iron style.

“Our marine grade systems offer an excellent alternative to like-for-like cast iron systems – with lower install and maintenance costs and a worthwhile life expectancy, switching to aluminium is the obvious choice.”


Evolve Half Round Gutter Systems
Traditional Moulded Ogee
Evolve 63mm Circular Downpipe

RAL 7016

Project Type:
Private Housing

Sheila Johnston (Homeowner)

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