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Durable Solutions Chosen for Unique Norfolk home

Marley Alutec’s high-quality aluminium Evolve and Evoke roofline systems were selected to provide a low maintenance, durable solution for a unique property in Norfolk, for which sustainability and longevity were key elements of the design concept.  Alutec’s technical team also developed a bespoke outlet, which was able to overcome a major on-site challenge.

Milestone Farm in Wymondham, Norfolk was the conception of owner David Ford who wanted to create an attractive, high quality, energy-efficient home. It was designed to his own specification and utilised the latest in modern building techniques and materials.

A key factor in the design and construction of the 6 bedroom, 435 square metre property was longevity and minimising maintenance requirements. Following a thorough consideration of the available options for the rainwater systems, David chose Marley Alutec’s aluminium products for use on the main house and attached double garage.

The marine-grade aluminium used by Marley Alutec is highly corrosion resistant due to its naturally occurring protective oxide coating. This means the system will not require regular maintenance throughout its expected 50-year lifespan, aside from periodic aesthetic cleaning.

The property was also constructed to Passive House principles to reduce the property’s carbon footprint. The use of aluminium systems supported this focus on sustainability, as aluminium is infinitely recyclable without losing its quality - and as such is one of the most environmentally-friendly building materials available.

Jason Littleboy, Area Sales Manager at Marley Alutec provided technical support to David and the team from Gill Building, the contractor on the project. The Evolve Box gutter and Flush-fit 72x72mm downpipe in RAL 7016 Anthracite Grey was chosen to suit the overall aesthetic of the property and meet the rainwater capacity requirements. With a flow rate of up to 7.0 litres per second and able to cope with 333m2 roof area per downpipe the system more than met the demands of the large house.

However, a design detail at the rear of the property posed a challenge for the installation. In two areas, the roofline fell away at an angle meaning that the downpipe would not have been vertical if a standard component was used. To overcome this, Alutec’s technical team designed and manufactured bespoke 5 degree angled outlets to compensate and allow the flush-fit square downpipes to be installed correctly.

Marley Alutec’s Evoke fascia and soffit systems in matching finish were also installed on the property. Unlike sheet aluminium, the aluminium composite Evoke can be installed without the use of specialist tools.

David Ford said: “Being involved in the design and specification of every aspect allowed us to create something unique. Finding the right products and materials for the build was understandably very important to us. When it came to the fascia and gutters we wanted a system that would not only complement the design but would also be long lasting and low maintenance.”

Nick Gale, Managing Director at Gill Building said: “The Evolve system was easy to install and the support we received from Jason and the team at Alutec was excellent. When we did face a challenge with the angled outlets they were able to offer a simple solution.”


Evolve Box Gutter
Flush-Fit 72x72mm
Evoke Fascia and Soffit

RAL 7016

Project Type:
Private Housing

Gill Building

Sub Contractor:
MBC Timberframe

MKM Norwich

CLA Architects

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