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Evoke Installation - North East

Our Evoke Fascia and Vented Soffit is nearly completed on this property in the North East

Thanks to the contractor for the attention to detail and faith in our product/technical support. Looking forward to seeing the final result on the main roof! The Evoke panels provide a sharp clean finish between the window head and timber soffit. Coming soon – the balcony capping and Aligator snap-fit rainwater systems.

The Evoke aluminium fascia and soffit range delivers stunning visual impact and value for money with its 50 year functional life expectancy. The range incorporates a number of different aesthetic options, with jointing either by H-Section Joint Trims or bespoke shadow gap and mechanical fixing and mechanical bonding.

Our standard Fascia and Soffit systems are manufactured from 4mm thick aluminium composite material. These products are suitable for use up to a maximum height of 18m. For installations carried out above 18 metres in height, and for non-standard colour requirements, our solid sheet aluminium products are available.

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