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A guide to installing Marley Alutec's Traditional guttering systems

In this article, Senior Technical Services Engineer from Marley Alutec, Tim Streeton, introduces the company’s Traditional guttering ranges, and talks through the easy installation process.

Marley Alutec has three traditional guttering ranges in its portfolio: Half Round, Victorian Ogee, and Moulded Ogee. Manufactured from highly durable marine-grade aluminium, they are lightweight and easy to install, requiring no specialist training or equipment. They also offer a great deal of design flexibility, as they are available in 19 polyester powder coated (PPC) colour options and are compatible with a range of downpipes. What’s more, they can be specified as a direct replacement for cast iron systems thanks to the Heritage Black PPC option, which mimics the aesthetic of traditional black cast iron systems – yet crucially benefitting from being 65% lighter.

Aluminium guttering by Marley Alutec Moreteyne Manor Bedfordshire

Post installation, Marley Alutec Traditional gutter systems require minimal maintenance throughout their 50+ year functional life span, making them extremely cost-effective in the long run. Thanks to a naturally occurring oxide layer, which forms should the surface ever become damaged, marine-grade aluminium products are also incredibly corrosion resistant.

When it comes to performance, they have flow rates of up to 5.5 litres per second (dependant on profile) and 263m2 per downpipe. Finally, at the end of their long life, these systems can be fully recycled because they are made completely from aluminium.

How to install a Marley Alutec Traditional Half Round Guttering System

Step 1
Set the gutter height by laying a straight batten on the lowest profile of the roof. Place the fascia bracket under the batten so that they are touching and mark the necessary position of the screw holes.

Step 2
Fix the fascia bracket in place using Alutec 32mm roundhead screws or 15mm countersunk screws if fixing to an Alutec aluminium composite fascia. Drilling a pilot hole first is recommended. Continue to fix the brackets to a fall of 1:600 along the length of the fascia at 915mm intervals.

Step 3
Alternatively, if rafter arms are required, these can be site bent at the cradle to suit the roof pitch and installed using 32mm roundhead screws. In this case it is recommended and considered best practice to secure the gutter lengths to every second rafter arm.

Step 4
For a bracketed installation, next clip the gutter length into the pre-installed fascia brackets. Ensure that the gutter socket is clean using a cloth and solvent cleaner and then apply two 8mm beads of Alutec Joint Sealant down each side and around the bolt hole.

Step 5
Place the second gutter length into the socket, and bed it into the sealant. Secure using a Marley Alutec powder coated gutter bolt, mill finish washer and nut. Tighten until almost secure, then adjust to ensure there is a 3mm expansion gap within the socket. Continue to tighten by hand until secure.

Step 6
For corners, outlets and stop ends, cut the gutter socket from the end of the adjoining gutter length. Use the union or corner for reference and mark the bolt position, before drilling a hole 7mm into the cut gutter length. Place the cut gutter length into its fascia brackets.

Step 7
Take the corner union and apply two 8mm parallel beads of Alutec sealant to both edges of the gutter socket and around the bolt hole. Press the corner union up onto the cut gutter length to create a seal. Fix with a nut and bolt ensuring a 3mm expansion gap.

Step 8
Apply sealant to the corner union’s other socket and insert a second cut gutter length as before. Gutter angles should always be supported by fixing fascia brackets a maximum of 150mm for either side of the angle.

Step 9
Repeat steps 4-8 along the length of the guttering – jointing each gutter length to one previously fixed. Complete with stop ends.

Traditional Half Round Installation Video

Installation is simple and the performance of each traditional guttering range will ensure properties are finished and protected by a high quality solution. Traditional Half Round guttering products in Heritage Black are currently available with only a two-day lead time. 

Still unsure? Watch our Traditional Half Round installation video here to learn more.

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