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Over the course of the last 18 months, Marley Alutec, UK leader in innovative and sustainable aluminium guttering, rainwater drainage and eaves solutions, has made great efforts to improve the sustainability of the company. From attaining zero landfill waste to working with its supply chain partners to minimise its carbon footprint, the company’s efforts have resulted in the certification of ISO 14001.

At the core of Marley Alutec’s ISO 14001 Certification was the attainment of zero landfill waste. Initiatives have included changing all packaging tape from plastic to paper, ensuring all bubble wrap is fully bio-degradable and that all small products are now shipped in recycled cardboard boxes – moving away from polyester bags.

Additionally, any scrap that does now occur including wood, cardboard and aluminium is now fully recycled and the company is working to select waste service providers who offer environmental practices that are in line with ISO 14001.

Marley Alutec has also made improvements to its energy consumption by converting all fluorescent lighting within its warehouse in Bedford to LEDs which has allowed the company to achieve a 30% energy saving.

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 “We are looking to reduce our carbon footprint wherever possible, which means we are constantly working closely with our suppliers to improve packaging and looking at alternative sources that are more sustainable,” commented Kevin Stanley, Head of Operations and Customer Service at Marley Alutec.

 “We have a moral and legal commitment to the environment which is why we are working with existing suppliers and sourcing new suppliers who can provide an environmentally responsible product and service.”

This certification assures the sustainability of Marley Atutec’s products is also reflected in their operational processes.

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