General Technical System Advice

General technical system advice

Rainwater Systems

Site painting:

All of our products are supplied in polyester powder coat paint finishes unless otherwise requested. We can supply some of our product ranges in mill finish but for further details and availability please contact our Technical Services Team on 01234 359438 .
When site painting rainwater systems, it is recommended that all components are individually painted prior to installation to make sure all surfaces are uniformly coated.

Prior to painting either unpainted (mill finish) or polyester powder coated surfaces, clean components using a clean cloth and solvent cleaner, SC108. Prime mill finish surfaces with an “aluminium etch primer” or zinc phosphate; rub down polyester powder coated components with a light abrasive scotch (not steel) wool to achieve a good key.

Two-part synthetic or polyurethane paints are recommended for maximum durability. Ensure the paint is fully dry prior to contact with joint sealant. Partially dry paint may react with sealant, affecting reliability of gutter joint.

Handling & storage:

Gutters and pipes should be handled with care and should preferably be stored under cover on racks to prevent scratching or denting. All polyester powder coated gutter and pipe lengths are supplied in protective polythene sleeving and components packed in cardboard boxes.

If polyester powder coated products are stored outside, cover with a tarpaulin to guard against water ingress into the protective polythene tubing. If water becomes trapped within the polythene wrapping and left exposed to warm sunlight, it may leave permanent water stains on the paint finish.

Sealants should not be stored in temperatures below 0°C and kept away from any direct heat source.Solvent cleaners must be stored away from any direct heat or combustible source, preferably in an appropriate fire resistant storage cabinet.

Mill finished goods to be installed in their natural state should also be stored undercover, to prevent uneven oxidization to visible surfaces. Once installed the surface will mature uniformly.


The relevant safety regulations are outlined in the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and should be followed. Refer to the Approved Code of Practice (ACOP) Construction (Design and Communications) Regulations 2007.

Handling mill finished or polyester powder coated aluminium products does not pose any known health hazard, however it is recommended to wear protective gloves when handling mill finish aluminium.

Hazard instructions relating to sealant, solvent cleaner and touch up paint are printed on their respective containers and COSHH data sheets are supplied with each consignment of goods and are available on request.


Gutters should be periodically cleaned out to maintain the design flow rate and to prevent build up of debris blocking downpipes. Check all fixings are secure and take any remedial action to rectify if necessary.

Leafguards are available as standard to fit each gutter system and are recommended for buildings close to trees, with restricted access, or areas susceptible to airborne debris.

Installed gutters and pipes with polyester powder coated finishes should be periodically washed down with water and non-toxic detergent, this will remove built up grime to reveal the true colour. Under no circumstances should abrasive cleaners be used.


Fascia, Soffit and Coping Systems

Handling and Storage:

All goods should be stored under cover to protect against ingress of water between surfaces of composite aluminium sheets. Flat panels should be stored fully supported on a flat surface. Profiled lengths should also be fully supported throughout the product length and appropriately stacked to avoid damage to the profile.

Ensure that the self-adhesive peel off protective cover is not damaged during handing exposing the painted surface to potential damage.


The relevant safety regulations are outlined in the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and should be adhered to. Refer to the Approved Code of Practice (ACOP) Construction Design and Management Regulations 2007.

Handling composite aluminium products does not pose any known health hazard, however it is recommended that protective gloves are worn. Hazard instructions relating to sealant and solvent cleaner are printed on the product packaging. COSHH sheets are supplied with each consignment of goods and are also available on request.


Evoke composite aluminium systems require minimal maintenance throughout the lifetime of the installation. Generally any grime build up can be cleaned off using clean water and a mild detergent. Solvents, aggressive detergents /cleaners or any form of abrasives must not be used. Cleaning annually will ensure the product will always look in pristine condition.

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