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Colour options

Polyester powder coated Alutec products can be supplied in a mill (uncoated) finish or with a polyester powder coating in a specified colour. The main characteristic of architectural grade polyester powder coatings is the very good colour and gloss retention in outdoor exposure. Polyester powders have very good edge covering power, flow properties and wear resistance.

Even in its unpainted form, aluminium protects itself from corrosion by creating a natural dull grey oxide layer inhibiting further corrosion. It can therefore be installed unpainted.

Electrostatic polyester powder coating, is a continuous, stringently controlled painting process, where the product is pre-treated prior to powder paint application. This process ensures that the paint adhesion is exemplary and that the paint thickness is uniform.

Additional colours and finishes are available, for information on these or the gloss levels of the coatings please contact Alutec.
* Aligator® pipe & gutter stock colours


Colours are reproduced for general guidance only, and vary greatly depending on monitor settings. If a true colour is required then a colour swatch plate can be supplied by clicking here.